Top 50 TV Series on Hulu: September 2017

10. Cheers

Seasons Available: 11

The 1982 Sitcom Cheers takes place in a Boston bar from 1982 to 1993. Over the years viewers got to know the lives of both the regulars and the employees extremely well. Cheers is regarded as an absolute classic full, of friendly, but slightly depressing faces who all know your name. Even after all these years, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going on Hulu and giving a few episodes a re-watch, especially seeing as all 11 seasons are available.

9. Vikings

Seasons Available: 4

Vikings is a period action/drama produced by the History Channel and takes place in the world of the brutal Vikings, and their historic occupation of England. Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) earns his place as a legend, and in the history books as the one who leads the Viking hoards across the North Sea to discover faraway lands. The enjoyable show gives a unique take on the Vikings way of life and has been a present surprise for many.

8. South Park

Seasons Available: 20

A staggering 274 episodes out of a total of 277 are ready to stream on Hulu right away. The show mainly revolves around the strange adventures of four young boys; Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny. South Park has become well known for its dark, offensive and sensitive topics. The show uses a unique style, with computer animation emulating the cutout technique that is immediately associated with South Park. A total of 5 Primetime Emmys have been won so far, with season 21 scheduled to air in September 2017.

7. Bob’s Burgers

Seasons Available: 7

The number 7 spot is taken by another popular animated show titled Bob’s Burgers. The Fox series follows the Belcher family, Bob and Linda, along with their kids Tina, Gene, and Louise. As the title implies they run a slightly unsuccessful hamburger restaurant in an unnamed coastal community. The animated sitcom has been nominated six times for the ‘Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program’ and even won in 2014. This lighthearted show is loved by many and definitely worth a binge

6. Rick and Morty

Seasons Available: 2

Since its creation by Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon; Rick and Morty has quickly become a pop culture bomb picking up millions of dedicated fans since 2013. The show originally stemmed from a short parody of Back to the Future, and was soon picked up by Adult Swim with a few alterations, the main one being substituting time travel for interdimensional travel. Rick Sanchez is one of the greatest minds in the universe and partnered with his moronic grandson Morty, they get into a number of insane adventures. Currently, 2 seasons of the show are streaming to Hulu, so if you haven’t started them yet, you better hurry because season 3 is coming soon!

5. The Simpsons

Seasons Available: 1 (Season 28)

The Simpsons is arguably one of the longest and most influential animated shows of all time. The show first debuted in 1989 and since then a total of 618 episodes have been aired over 28 seasons. It mostly focuses on a single dysfunctional family living in the American town Springfield but is defiantly not short of supporting characters. Currently, only season 28 is available to view on Hulu but the show has been renewed for another 2 seasons that we expect to span into 2019.

4. Homeland

Seasons Available: 6

This 2011 Showtime series is a Mystery crime drama that revolves around a CIA operative who is convinced an American prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is going to carry out a devastating terrorist attack. Staring such talent as Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin, there is no shortage of amazing acting. The 5 time Golden Globe winning show is a sophisticated drama suitable for any Crime, Drama lover.

3. Family Guy

Seasons Available: 15

Family Guy is just one of those shows where you either love it, or hate it. And luckily for Seth MacFarlane, a lot of people absolutely adore this animated sitcom parody. The show follows a dysfunctional family (to say the least) who’s everyday life consists of constant crazy scenarios. Peter Griffin is the ignorant, immature dad paired with a stay-at-home wife Lois and their three completely different and troublesome children. All 15 seasons are available to stream, so even if you don’t like the later stuff, you can always go back and watch some of the old classic seasons.

2. Fargo

Seasons Available: 2

Fargo is a crime/thriller that takes place in the snowy state of Minnesota. The show follows the mysterious goings on that have been taking place over the years, that always somehow seem to lead back to a crime syndicate based in Fargo. Along with an ‘all-star’ cast consisting of Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Ewan McGregor, Ted Danson and many more, the show has been sky-rocketed to popularity and critical acclaim, even winning 2 Golden Globes. The show is amazingly produced and we can’t wait to see season three arrive on our screens.

1. Seinfeld

Seasons Available: 9

Our top spot for this month goes to the 1989 comedy classic ‘Seinfeld’. A show where Jerry Seinfeld plays himself venturing through everyday life alongside his friends in New York city. Upon its debut, the show quickly rose to huge success and even now, 19 years since the show finished it’s still often regarded as one of the best comedy sitcoms, and still holds a place in many peoples hearts. Despite the show’s clever writing and character development, the main reason Seinfeld made our number one spot is because of how relevant and popular it has stayed after so long. A total of 171 episodes are currently available to stream on Hulu.


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