Top 50 TV Series on Hulu: September 2017

20. The Good Wife

Seasons Available:

After a particularly humiliating scandal involving sex and corruption, Alicia’s husband is now behind bars. For the first time in years, she is no longer a housewife and must prove herself adamantly at “Stern, Lockhart & Gardner” a law firm, whilst still looking after her two children. The show is intelligent and well written perfect for someone who enjoys a more political program. Currently, all 7 seasons are ready to stream.

19. Smallville

Seasons Available: 10

In Smallville, Kansas lives Clark Kent, a young teenager who struggles with typical teenage issues, apart from he has superhuman alien powers. The show has been cast perfectly and does a great job at portraying Clark attempting to find his place in the world. The show spanned 10 years/10 seasons and was awarded a total of 3 Primetime Emmys during its lifetime.

18. Preacher

Seasons Available: 1

Dominic Cooper takes the role Jesse Custer, a Texan preacher with a drinking problem. However, a wandering soul takes Jesse as a vessel and bonds with him, supposedly telling him the word of god. After his faith is rekindled Jesse reaches out for the help of a vampire, in order to help him “find God”. The Fantasy Drama has attracted a lot of attention for its unique plot and so far is doing a great job, bearing in mind it only started last year.

16. Grey’s Anatomy

Seasons Available: 1 (Season 13)

Hospitals and their employees have to cope with life-or-death situations on a daily basis, and this is no different for the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Meredith Grey is the daughter of the best surgeons in the country and aspires to have even close to the respect her mother receives. You can imagine how much pressure this is, especially with all the personal and professional challenges that come along with being a Doctor. This show is regarded as one of the best medical dramas out there and if that is your thing, then you shouldn’t hesitate in giving this a watch.

15. Gravity Falls

Seasons Available: 2

Another animated pick on our list is the popular Disney XD show ‘Gravity Falls’ created by Alex Hirsh, a good friend of the creator of Rick and Morty; Justin Roiland. The show follows the supernatural goings-on around the fictional town of Gravity Falls, and the twin siblings Dipper and Mabel who set out to discover them. Even though the show is created and aired on the kids Disney channel it’s developed a significant adult following for its excellent animation, characters and story.

14. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Seasons Available: 4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a police department in New York, and this comedy series follows the ensemble of officers that work to protect and serve. The main focus of the show is on Jake, a carefree, immature but brilliant detective who is used to messing around with no consequences. The department gets a new no-nonsense captain and suddenly Jake might actually have to get his act together. The show is split up into 20-odd minute episodes with 90 being immediately accessible on Hulu.

13. Parks and Recreation

Seasons Available: 7

The mockumentary Parks and Recreation is about the antics of an Indiana town’s public officials. Doesn’t sound particularly interesting but the actors including Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Nich Offerman and many more, make the experience beyond enjoyable. Fans of The Office will love this show and if you haven’t started it yet, you’ve got plenty to catch up on.

12. How I met your Mother

Seasons Available: 9

After Ted’s best friend announces he is going to propose to his longtime girlfriend, he suddenly realises that he better get a move on if he also wanted to find a life-long partner. A total of 9 seasons were dedicated to Ted telling his children how he met their mother, let’s just say he didn’t paraphrase. Many grew to love this series over its lifetime and if you’ve never watched it, it’s a sweet little romantic comedy to get stuck into.

11. Adventure Time

Seasons Available: 8

It’s not often you find a show that is greatly loved by both adults and kids alike, but when you do, it’s glorious. Adventure Time is one of those shows, it follows Finn, a human boy, and his best friend Jake, a Dog with magical powers who venture out in the fantasy world of “Ooo!” in search of amazing adventures that literally could involve anything. It was originally created as a short animation, but since then has been developed into a full 8 season (so far) TV show, that has definitely not disappointed fans. All 8 seasons are available to stream right now on Hulu.

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