Top 50 TV Series on Hulu: September 2017

40. Death Note

Seasons Available: 1

Death Note is defiantly one of the more well-known Anime shows and first aired back in 2006. The show is based on the Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and tells the story of Light Yahami, an intelligent high-school student who discovers a notebook that’s tied to a death-god (Shinigami) named Ryuk. Light discovers that any name he writes in the book dies, anyway he wishes. So he embarks on cleansing the world of evil and acting as a sort of God.

39. The Regular Show

Seasons Available: 8

The Regular Show is a Cartoon Network original not particularly aimed at kids, so be careful watching with young children as it is rated a PG. The show is centred around the ridiculous adventures of two best friends, one is a blue jay and the other a racoon, yeah, completely regular. They both work as groundskeepers and attempt to make their mundane jobs as fun as possible.

38. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Seasons Available: 7

Sarah Michelle Gellar first graced our screens as Buffy the Vampire Slayer all the way back in 1997, since then this action/comedy show has captured the hearts of many. Buffy Summers is a young woman who has been gifted with the strength and determination to hunt and kill vampires; her true destiny. She must fulfil her destiny but while still juggling her personal life, which on its own is full of drama. The show is packed with action and badass moments that any action fan can appreciate.

37. The Last Man on Earth

Seasons Available: 3

The Last Man on Earth is an Emmy nominated FOX series based on a single man, Phil Miller and his sudden solitude. Phil was just an average guy, but now it seems like he is the only guy, as he travels in his RV in the search of another human being, hopefully, a woman. All three seasons of this show is currently available to stream on Hulu.

36. Shadow Hunters: The Moral Instrument

Seasons Available: 2

Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) has just discovered that she is part of an ancient bloodline who are gifted with angelic powers, which are used to defend the world from deadly demons. After Clary’s mother is taken, she must team up with fellow warriors to recover her and her hidden legend. This freeform production has had mixed reviews but it’s still worth a watch.

35. The Strain

Seasons Available: 3

Guillermo Del Toro brings the FX series The Strain a thriller based in New York City. An ancient and deadly virus breaks out from the CDC and starts to spread quickly through the city. Dr Ephraim Goodweather, a team of CDC scientists and a group of average New Yorkers now must attempt to bring the virus under control, for the sake of humanity itself.

34. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Seasons Available: 9

There are a lot of opinions floating around about the old Star Trek series. But often old Trek fans come back to Deep Space Nine, the series spanning from 1993 to 1999 aboard the ship of the same name. What set DS9 apart from the others was its innovative techniques, intelligent story and developed characters. It goes without saying that some people will not agree with DP9 being the best, but it’s good to know that Hulu hosts all 7 seasons.

33. Samurai Jack

Seasons Available: 4

Our first, but not last Adult Swim title on this list is Samurai Jack, the story of a young Japanise prince who is cast out when his father’s empire is overthrown by the evil demon Aku. Before Jack and enact revenge, he is thrown thousands of years into the future into the world completely controlled by Aku and his minions. The show has won 4 Primetime Emmys and will soon return for the 5th season.

32. Shameless (US)

Seasons Available: 7

Actually one of the few American adapted show that hasn’t been ruined. Shameless follows a single dad who spends most of his waking moments trying to pass out drunk, but despite this, his six children are trying to manage the best they can. If you either liked or never watched the original series, you should still give this a watch, it’s a well-loved drama/comedy, just like the UK version.

31. Fear the Walking Dead

Seasons Available: 2

Brought out by AMC as a spinoff to ‘The Walking Dead’, this series begins at the actual start of the zombie outbreak, following two families from Los Angeles who are seeking shelter from the horror of this new world. This series brings a completely different angle of the Apocalypse as the virus hits the west coast. The first two seasons are available to stream, with the third one soon on its way.


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