Top 50 TV Series on Hulu: September 2017

Hulu hosts an incredible amount of great TV shows that can be enjoyed at a moments notice, but sometimes it’s hard to decide where to start. That’s where we come in, we have compiled a Top 50 list of all the TV series that are currently available on Hulu. Unfortunately, we’re not perfect, so if you are browsing Hulu and spot something that you think deserved to be on our list, please tell us in the comments below.

This list excludes shows that aren’t available with a standard Hulu subscription.

50. Pokémon

Seasons Available: 3 (Seasons 14,15,16)

Hulu hosts 3 seasons of the popular anime Pokémon, originally from Japanese TV but was later adapted for worldwide broadcast, the show currently airs in 98 different counties. Ash is the main focus and is trying to fulfil his ultimate goal, to become a great Pokémon Master and “catch them all”. The Pokémon franchise has spawned countless other titles, including Video games, Movies, and many TV spin-offs; often met with millions of fans.

49. Scandal

Seasons Available: 1 (Season 6)

Scandal is an ABC show starring Kerry Washinton and is a political thriller involving the White House administration. Kerry Character, Olivia Pope is determined to defend the public image of America’s elite, but after leaving the White House to open her own firm, she is unable to completely separate herself from her past. Due to ABC’s on-air schedule, Hulu can only bring you the second half of season 6. The seventh season has been announced to be the last and is due to release sometime in the coming months.

48. Hell’s Kitchen

Seasons Available: 1 (Season 17)

The world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay hosts his notoriously brutal and unscripted cooking show in his Hollywood restaurant “Hell’s Kitchen”. He challenges young inspiring chefs with many different tasks, the winner will be awarded head chef position in one of his worldwide restaurants and be titled America’s next culinary star.

47. Glee

Seasons Available: 6

First released by FOX in 2009 Glee is an uplifting comedy that follows an ambitious group of misfits who decide to join the ‘glee club’ at high school. The club helps many of the students discover their confidence and voice, and in turn inspires them to pursue their dreams. Glee is defiantly one of those shows where you either love it or you hate it, so why not give it a go?

46. East Los High

Seasons Available: 4

The first but not last Hulu original on our list is East Los High, a Reality-TV drama that follows a group of Latino friends living in East Los Angeles. The show is packed with obstacles that test the groups’ morals along with plenty of romance and drama to keep you coming back for more.

45. Drake & Josh

Seasons Available: 4

Drake & Josh is an absolute classic and mostly everyone who watched Nickelodeon loved them. The show follows the two boys who suddenly become step-brothers, one’s a nerd, the other a super popular musician. Despite being totally opposite they end up bonding and becoming the best of brothers. Together they get into crazy situations and do everything they can to avoid getting in trouble. If you are feeling a little nostalgic and want to give this classic another watch, Hulu hosts all 4 seasons.

44. Deadbeat

Seasons Available: 3

Another Hulu Original is Deadbeat starring Tyler Labine as Kevin Pacalioglu, a man with not much going for him at the moment, apart from he can see dead people, so that’s something I guess. In order to get particularly annoying spirits off his back, Kevin must help them in solving their unfinished business, the easiest way possible.

43. Louie

Seasons Available: 5

Louis CK is a newly single dad living in New York attempting to maintain his career as a stand-up comedian. The single-camera show follows Louie though his everyday hectic life, a mix of his stand-up and scripted sketch type situations. Hulu supplies all 5 season of the FX show and for a comedy, it has been received extremely well.

42. Chance

Seasons Available: 1

One of Hugh Laurie’s best performances is in the Hulu Original Chance. Hugh plays a forensic neuro-psychiatrist who unfortunately gets dragged into a world of violence and corruption that he just can’t seem to shake. The psychological thriller does a great job at being intelligent but creepy at the same time. The engrossing story will leave you coming back time and again, and if you like thrillers this is perfect for you.

41. Freakish

Seasons Available: 1 

After a local chemical plant melts down a group of students become trapped close by inside a high school. A mysterious mutated predator begins to hunt down the survivors one by one in this suspenseful horror. Freakish is another Hulu original making our list and season 2 is due to premiere on October 18th.

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