Top 50 Movies Streaming on Hulu – November 2017

20. Jaws – 1975

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss

Sharks eat people don’t they? Actually they don’t very often. Except in Jaws. Peter Benchley, the author of the book on which the movie was based became so distraught by the backlash caused by Jaws against sharks that he became an ardent shark conservationist. Nevertheless, this is an early Spielberg classic.

19. The Crying Game – 1992

Directed by: Neil Jordan
Starring: Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Forest Whitaker

The Crying Game is a multi-dimensional movie packed with twists and turns. It’s more than a love story; it delves deep into the complexities of human nature. And never does it lose any sense of plausibility. There’s action and suspense and Forest Whitaker as you’ve never seen him before or since.

18. High Noon – 1952

Directed by: Fred Zinnemann
Starring: Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell

Everyone knows the name, no one has seen the movie. Now is your chance. And it doesn’t matter whether you like Westerns or not. Just do it. More than once. You’ll get something new from the screenplay, the storyline, the acting, the pace and the tension every time you watch it.

17. The Usual Suspects – 1995

Directed by: Bryan Singer
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri

The movie with greatest twist at the end? That could be debated for years (there are a couple of contenders in this list alone). The interplay between the protagonists is magnificent, especially because they don’t really like each other – on or off the set. And it’s worth watching twice to see if you spot the twist!

16. Shaun of the Dead – 2004

Directed by: Edgar Wright
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield

Shaun Of The Dead is an archetypal British comedy. A pom zom rom com. There are parodies of any number of movie genres going on here and the pace never lets you go. George Romero was so impressed he invited Pegg and Frost into cameos in his Land of the Dead. This movie is worth it for the “Don’t Stop Me Now” scene alone.

15. Ben Hur – 1959

Directed by: William Wyler
Starring: Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins, Stephen Boyd

Bigger than Ben Hur. How often have you heard that phrase? 200 camels, 2,500 horses, 10,000 extras and one death on set. 8 months of filming and 6 months of post production. 11 Academy awards. Need we go on? This is a monster of a movie. Many sandal and sword movies have come and gone in the cinema but Ben Hur is the greatest of them all.

14. Little Shop Of Horrors – 1986

Directed by: Frank Oz
Starring: Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia

Developed from the stage musical of the same name, The Little Shop of Horrors is a remake of the 1960 original and a good remake to boot. Rick Moranis plays his typical geek character with aplomb and the comedy out of a rather weird story simply works. The songs are memorable and we’re pleased to be able to include a musical in our list.

13. The Truman Show – 1998

Directed by: Peter Weir
Starring: Jim Carrey, Ed Harris, Laura Linney

Jim Carrey made his name as a lightning fast rubber faced comedian and his ventures into serious roles have not always been comfortable. The Truman Show stands apart. The concept is a wonderful piece of “what if” imagination and it’s perfectly explored. The metaphorical development of the boy to the man and his ultimate liberation will leave you with tears in your eyes.

12. No Country For Old Men – 2007

Directed by: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin

Never has there been a more convincing villain. Anton Chigurh – played by Javier Bardem – does people in with an air canon. Perhaps the most inconvenient of weapons. The story is relatively simple; a pile of cash which everyone wants. But the depth of the story is the apparent bewilderment of the cop who’s trying to unravel the mess. One of TLJs finer perfromance.

11. A Fist Full Of Dollars -1964

Directed by: Sergio Leone
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volontè, Marianne Koch

Clint creates his man with no name character. Who’d want a name if they wore a poncho anyway? This definitely one for all you Western buffs and is the intro to the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone. Arguably, his movies got better (see later in this list) as they came out but this is a perfectly good starting point.

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