Top 10 Episodes of South Park

South Park just started its twenty-first season. Filled with millions of laughs, shocking moments, and spot-on social commentary, it’s a truly beloved show. We have all gone to school or work the next day with quote after quote. “BEEFCAKE!” With over two hundred seventy episodes and counting, let’s take a look back at the ten greatest episodes. “RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!”

10. Informative Murder Porn

Season 17 Episode 2

How long before one of our daddies dresses up in lingerie and bashes mommy’s head in with a brick?

The kids of South Park are worried that their parents will murder each other because of their obsession with Murder Porn (TV shows that react crimes).  Kyle finds a way to block the channels on the cable box. But all does go as planned when the parents figure out how to beat the system. A great spin on violent video games and its effects on teens, comparing “informative” television as only a guilty pleasure of adults.

9. Woodland Critter Christmas

Season 8 Episode 14

Every good celebration calls for a sacrifice and flesh eating.

A Christmas story South Park Style. Stan must stop woodland animals from summoning the anti-christ through Kyle. We later find out it’s a story Cartman has written to rip on Kyle for being Jewish during Christmas. Still, everyone wants to know if Stan can stop the anti-christ. Let’s just say: “they all lived happily ever after… except for Kyle, who died of AIDS two weeks later.”

8. Awesom-O

Season 8 episode 5

Eric has been having some emotional problems lately.

Cartman once again is out to torture Butters. Planning the ultimate prank, he dresses up as a robot and becomes Butters’ best friend. Instead of finding out secrets to humiliate Butters he finds out Butters has one to humiliate him. For once Cartman’s plan backfires, and he is stuck in the hell he typically puts Butters through.

7. Casa Bonita

Season 7 Episode 11

Pro tip: Beating up a handicapped kid is not being nice.

Kyle invites Butters instead of Cartman to his birthday party at Casa Bonita. Showing how far Cartman will go to torture Butters, he hides Butters so he can go instead. Butters is stuck in an Apocalyptic hell, as Cartman does whatever it takes so he can go to his favorite place on earth: Casa Bonita.

6. Good Times with Weapons

Season 8 Episode 1

Are you ninjas or pussies?

Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle find a way to get ninja weapons and soon become anime warriors. In doing so, they end up severely injuring Butters. What starts out as funs games soon become chaos. Butters is made to look like a dog and Cartman ends up nude in public. People are still more shocked by nudity over violence.

5. Cancelled

Season 7 Episode 1

Dear universe: Please PLEASE grant me a taco that poops ice cream.

What starts out like the first episode of South Park ends up a wild alien adventure-and a rerun. Stan, Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle found out Earth is a reality show about to be canceled and the planet will be destroyed. Tacos pooping ice cream and blackmail over sexual scandals, the boys save the show and their world the South Park way.

4. Make Love, Not Warcraft

Season 10 Episode 8

This could very well lead to the end of the world…of warcraft.

The boys end up dying unfairly as one nerd has become too powerful for Warcraft. Stan and the others become the only ones that can save the day.  They need to become great warriors without leaving their computers chairs. The transformation on and off the game is hilarious.

3. Trapped in the Closet

Season 9 Episode 12

Watch quickly before Scientologists sue your ass *and* your balls.

Do you want to see what South Park does best? Start here, as they rip celebrities and religion. Tom Cruise is locked in Stan’s closet everyone is there to get him out. STOP reading this and just watch it!

2. Imaginationland I II & III

Season 11 Episodes 10 – 12

Look out for the Christmas Critters, Strawberry Shortcake! Guard your eye holes!

The question of would there ever be a second South Park film is answered with this 3 part episode. An epic battle of good vs. evil in Imaginationland is spilling over into our world, and only Stan and Kyle can save both worlds. Truly the biggest and funniest adventure you will ever see on the small screen.

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die

Season Five Episode Four


Cartman gets tricked by an older Kid, Scott. Seeking revenge, Cartman keeps failing and getting humiliated by Scott. Never giving up, Cartman eventually wins with the most savage revenge possible. You’ll never look at a bowl of chili the same way again.

Did we miss one? What’s your favorite South Park episode? Let us know in the comments!