Will TBS’s “Final Space” be on Hulu?

Final Space – Copyright TBS

Final Space is the latest animated sitcom from the minds over at TBS. Will season 1 of Final Space come to Hulu and will the upcoming season 2 also be coming to Hulu? Let’s find out. 

TBS has become a big producer of content in recent years although it’s mostly known for  its other brands such as CNN, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim. Adult Swim is the king of animated titles with the network mostly entirely dedicated to animated sitcoms. For whatever reason though, TBS decided to drop Final Space on TBS instead of Final Space.

Final Space stars Fred Armisen and Tom Kenny who play the roles of Gary and his sidekick Mooncake. The pair goes on a set of adventures together akin to that of Rick and Morty. In fact, the show is very much looking to capture the Rick and Morty audience.

Will season 1 of Final Space come to Hulu?

Hulu hasn’t been the distributor for either the catchup episodes or currently holds the full library. The reason for this is likely because the rights have been sold to Netflix. We know this because Netflix has already distributed the show internationally and will also likely be getting the streaming rights too.

The truth is that if Hulu had the rights to Final Space, it’d be showing it already. That means you’ll have to join up to Netflix should they get it early next year.

What about season 2?

Increasingly with streaming contracts nowadays, networks tend to lease the show’s rights for the life duration of the series. Season 2 has been announced for sometime in 2019 but once again, we don’t expect it to arrive on Hulu.

There’s plenty of other animated shows to watch on Hulu with the majority of AdultSwim and content providers like Fox adding their animated shows to the service.

Would you like to see Final Space on Hulu? Let us know in the comments down below.