Will Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 be on Hulu?

Star Trek is back on the television in a big way but sadly, Hulu won’t be getting a piece of the action. Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery is now airing on CBS and unlike many other CBS shows, the network has opted for a different streaming route for Star Trek: Discovery. 

The first season, set to consist of two chapters across 15 episodes will be airing on CBS but more importantly, be exclusively streaming on CBS’s own All Access platform exclusively. The streaming platform that holds most to all of CBS’s current and past lineup is widely controversial and is seen as a step in the wrong direction by many having to hold a subscription to each network.

Set ten years after the events of the original Star Trek series it’ll be based on a cold war between the Klingon’s and the United Federation of Planets but specifically follow the crew of the USS Discovery.


Star Trek: Discovery will mark a do or die moment for CBS All Access and also serve as the reason why many networks will make their own streaming platforms but more importantly withhold their content from Hulu and other services like it.

Will the series eventually come to Hulu? It’s likely. Hulu currently holds the biggest back catalog when it comes to Star Trek titles so it’d make an obvious fit for this show to come to Hulu but will depend on the success of the CBS All Access pass.

As for when Star Trek: Discovery would come to Hulu, many networks traditionally adds their shows to streaming services shortly before season 2. Given CBS likes to release on a yearly basis, that’d mean that Hulu would be getting season 1 sometime in August/September 2018.

Are you sad that Hulu won’t be getting weekly episodes of Star Trek: Discovery? Let us know in the comments.