When will Season 7 of ‘American Horror Story’ be on Hulu?

Halloween is almost upon us, and that means you’ll need to find some scary entertainment for the evening. What better thing to do than binge a horror TV Show? American Horror Story is the perfect pick, but when is the latest season coming to Hulu?

American Horror Story (AHS) started all the way back in 2011 and since then has depicted may different stories taking place in many horrific locations. Some of which include, an insane asylum, a murderous hotel, a deadly freak show, and even a coven of witches.

Season seven debuted back on the 8th of September 2017 and is still underway as we speak (at the time of writing). The series has the subtitle of ‘Cult‘ and follows a married couple who are struggling mentally, especially after the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Meanwhile, Kai Anderson, a manipulative and controlling man begins to build up a political cult who are fed up with the current attitude in America, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Season 7 seems to be taking a different route than the previous series but is sure to be just as chilling and horror-filled than all the others, if not, more.


The show has often featured recurring actors, who played different roles depending on the series. Some regulars included Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe.

Hulu Season 7 Release Date

Back on October 3rd 2017, Hulu welcomed the entire season 6 of American Horror Story to its screens, almost exactly a month after Season 7 premiered on FX channels in the US. This has been the trend on Hulu through the years, with the streaming site welcoming a season normally a whole year after its initial debut.

So we can estimate roughly that season 7 AHS will come to Hulu in October 2018, just-in-time for next-years Halloween. If you’re a little disappointed by this, don’t worry too much, there are plenty of other Horror titles arriving in October, check out our list and maybe you’ll find something even better to get stuck into this Halloween.

Of course, if we find out anything more about the series coming to Hulu sooner, we will update this article, so make sure to Bookmark it. 

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