Is ‘The Walking Dead’ on Hulu?

The AMC show started all the way back in 2010, and since then has accumulated a large following of fans over the years. The eighth season has just debuted, and we thought it was a good time to see if the series is streaming on Hulu, and if not, why?

The American Horror show is based on the Comic created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. AMC took the show on in 2010 and featured Andrew Lincoln as the main protagonist. Rick Grimes was a sheriffs deputy in a small town, until he was put into a coma during a firefight. Upon awakening in an almost deserted hospital, Rick stumbles into a worldwide apocalypse with his family nowhere to be seen. Apon finding a group of survivors and his family, Rick attempts to lead the group too long-term survival.

Many years and seasons have passed since Ricks coma and the latest instalment of the show is due to be one of the most intense yet, with the clash between Rick and Negan finally breaking out. The walkers (zombies) seem to be playing less and less of a part in the show.

Back in 2015, AMC launched a spin-off show titled ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘. This time the series follows the survival of two families living in Los Angeles, who encounter the zombie outbreak face-to-face. Although the series is not as popular as The Walking Dead, it has been met with some positive reviews and does a good job killing time between the main seasons of TWD.

The first 2 seasons of Fear the Walking Dead are available right now to stream on Hulu.

One of the great perks of using Hulu is that they will often stream shows a day after they air on major American TV networks. But unfortunately, AMC and Hulu’s relationship is a little more confusing. Although the streaming site does host a number of AMC shows, as you’ve probably figured out, The Walking Dead is not one of them.

Hulu only has the exclusive streaming rights for new franchises that began after April 2015. No shows that have concluded or began before this date will be featured on Hulu.

For die-hard Walking Dead fans, all 7 seasons are currently accessible on US Netflix to stream, along with 6 seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

Are you looking forward to seeing what season 8 holds for The Walking Dead? Do you think it should come to Hulu? Tell us in the comments below.