Every Hulu Original Coming in 2018

Hulu while mainly being a content aggregator has also had a hand in creating some fantastic Hulu Originals. 2018 is set to be the platforms biggest year yet with both new movies and TV series to look forward to.

Hulu’s original output is more comparable to Amazons than it is Netflix’s. Netflix is on a different scale spending multiple times more money on its original output. With that said, because Hulu is comprised of multiple existing networks, Hulu’s approach seems to be picking up titles that the big networks pass on. This is why Hulu’s content tends to be edgy like The Handmaid’s Tale because the networks likely wouldn’t get away with airing it.

Below, we’ve listed every single currently announced Hulu Original set to release in 2018.

The Looming Tower (Season 1)

Season Premiere: February 28th

Based on the book by Lawrence Wright entitled The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda’s Road to 9/11 this short series will star Jeff Daniels and Peter Sarsgaard. The limited run series takes us back to the 1990’s and traces back through the roots of how 9/11 happened and focuses on how bitter squabbling between the FBI and CIA may have allowed the tragic event to happen.

The series has been in production since September 2016 but only began filming back in May of last year.

Hard Sun (Season 1)

Release Date: March 7th, 2018

This new debut series for Hulu is a cross-production between Hulu and the BBC in the United Kingdom where it’s airing first. Six episodes are planned for season 1 with a further four seasons potentially to be made. It’s set just before an apocalyptic event where two detectives are being hunted down after they discover the world is coming to an end in five years time.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 2)

Episode 1 Release Date: April 25th, 2018

This has undoubtedly been Hulu’s best original to date and certainly one of the most successful. It’s managed to scoop two Golden Globes and will likely continue in the future. Elisabeth Moss is once again returning to her role from the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name where she plays a handmaid in a world where fertility rates have plummeted. The series has been groundbreaking, although not with a fair amount of criticism too.

The first few episodes will likely release on April 25th and then new episodes will arrive weekly.

Casual (Season 4)

Release Date: July 31st, 2018

Casual for many would’ve sneaked under the radar for the past few years but we implore you to watch it. The comedy comes from the director Up in the Air and Juno where one bachelor and her sister are forced to move in with each other and teach each other about the world of dating. The series finale season has been reduced to just eight episodes to give our characters the sendoff they deserve.

All eight episodes will be released on the day of release mentioned above.

Blumhouse Productions Horror Anthology Episode 1

First Episode: October 2018

This is perhaps one of the most interesting concepts from streaming services yet. From October 2018 onwards, Hulu will be releasing a new horror episode every month of the year. The stories will be self-contained, hence an anthology. There’s still a lot of details missing but it’s an extremely interesting concept.

Marvel’s Runaways (Season 2)

Release Date: Likely Fall 2018

Of all the Marvel TV content in circulation at the moment, Runaways remains one of the most unique and instantly watchable. The first season introduced us to the kids known as Runaways and with a second season already confirmed, it’s likely that Hulu will want it once again front lining their fall lineup.

Future Man (Season 2)

Release Date: Likely Fall 2018

Season 1 of Future man only released back in November on Hulu but thanks to a super quick renewal, we’re thinking that season 2 will be here by the year is out. The series stars The Hunger Game’s Josh Hutcherson who plays the role of a janitor who is called upon to help save the world after he completes a video game.

It’s corny as hell but has impressive visuals and is likely to continue being a popular series for Hulu.

Titles Confirmed for 2018 But Lacking Information

  • All Night – A new 10-episode comedy series from Jason Ubaldi and AwestomenessTV.
  • Castle Rock (Season 1)
  • The First (Season 1)
  • Barbie Documentary

Titles Renewed but not Confirmed for 2018

  • The Doozers (Season 2)