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Welcome to What’s on Hulu, your premier guide to what’s streaming on Hulu. From the makers of What’s on Netflix, our goal is to help you get the most out of your Hulu subscription with our features. We’ll be bringing you daily updates of what’s new on Hulu, previews of upcoming Hulu Originals, lists of shows and movies both scheduled to come and leave Hulu and of course, our picks of the best titles on Hulu.

Hulu is a streaming service which operates in the USA and Japan and is partly owned by ABC, Fox and NBC. It has multiple extensions including HBO, Showtime and Cinemax as well as the ability to watch Live TV.

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 Season 3
Release Date Countdown

2018/01/17 00:00:00
New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 17, 2018)

TV Shows MasterChef Junior – S6:E4 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S5:E13 Taken – S2:E7 Blindspot – S3:E15 Once Upon a Time – S7:E13 Record of Grancrest War – S1:E11  …

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 16, 2018)

TV Shows Showtime at the Apollo – Week 3 A.P. Bio – S1:E6 Superstore – S3:E15 Will & Grace – S1:E14 Champions – S1:E1 Gotham – S4:E14 Grey’s Anatomy – S14:E15 Scandal – S7:E14 How to Get Away …

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 15, 2018)

TV Shows Chicago P.D. – S5:E17 WWE NXT – S11:E439 Speechless – S2:E16-17 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – S19:E16 The X-Files – S11:E9 9-1-1 – S1:E9 Designated Survivor – S2:E13 American Housewife R…

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 14, 2018)

TV Shows WWE 205 Live – S3:E68 WWE SmackDown – S20:E969 For the People – S1:E1 Rise – S1:E1 This Is Us – S2:E18 The Voice – S14:E6 The Mick – S2:E17 LA to Vegas – S1:E8 Fresh Off the Boat – S4:E18…

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 13, 2018)

TV Shows WWE Monday Night Raw – S26:E1294 The Voice – S14:E5 American Greed – S12:E3 Good Girls – S1:E3 American Idol – S1:E2 Lucifer – S3:E17 The Resident – S1:E7 The Good Doctor – S1:E16 Basilisk: The…

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 12, 2018)

TV Shows OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession? (2018) Deception – S1:E1 American Ninja Warrior – S9:E16 Timeless – S2:E1 American Idol – S1:E1 America’s Funniest Home Videos – S28:E14 Bob’s Burgers – S8:E9…

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 11, 2018)

TV Shows Saturday Night Live – S43:E17 Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – S1:E10 DARLING in the FRANXX – S1:E9 Wilderness Vet – S2:E17 The Voyager with Josh Garcia – S2:E17 Natrally, Danny Seo – S2:E17…

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 10, 2018)

TV Shows Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S5:E12 Blindspot – S3:E14 Taken – S2:E6 MasterChef Junior – S6:E3 Once Upon a Time – S7:E12 WWE en Espanol – S14:E722 Record of Grancrest War – S1:E10…

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 9, 2018)

TV Shows Chicago Fire – S6:E13 Gotham – S4:E13 Showtime at the Apollo – Week 2 Champions – S1:E1 Superstore – S3:E14 Will & Grace – S1:E14 How to Get Away with Murder – S4:E14 Scandal – S7:E13 Grey&…

New Releases on Hulu (Mar. 8, 2018)

TV Shows Chicago P.D. – S5:E16 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – S19:E15 9-1-1 – S1:E8 Speechless – S2:E15 Modern Family – S9:E15 The Goldbergs – S5:E15 The X-Files – S11:E8 Designated Survivor – …

Welcome to What's on Hulu

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Welcome to What's on Hulu

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